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Purchasing Snowchains

On the road to Hotham

  • What type of vehicle do you drive?
  • What kind of driving do you want to do?

These are important factors when choosing the correct chain, as there are a number of different types of chains available.

The Australian conditions vary from elsewhere in the world, we require a solid chain due to the our roads generally not having as much snow cover as other countries experience.

T2 Magic car or 4WD

Konig produce a wide range of snow chains, for everything from the smallest car through to massive industrial snow clearance vehicles. The most suitable and most popular model for Australian conditions is the Magic T2. This chain is a diamond pattern chain with 16mm cross chains in special alloy steel (UNI EN 10020) MnNi. It features the self tensioning chain, alloy rims protection, excellent grip on ice and snow and driving comfort thanks to the cross chain.

It will be noticed that on www.konig.it that the konig T2 magic is listed as having a 10mm clearance, our Australian model is much more hardy and suited to our conditions. Due to the Australian conditions the T2 magic that is bought into Australia has a minimal clearance of 16 mm between the tyre and the car suspension struts. If your car has ample clearance and the car manual does not state that there is a clearance problem with you car, then the T2 magic is your answer to a great quality product and with a recommended retail of around $260 (depending on size), it makes it a very affordable product. Check out how easy the Konig T2 Magic is to fit.

Click here to download fitting instructions for the Magic T2.

Konig also produce a T2 Magic 4WD Chain. This chain also has 16mm cross chain but has a heavy duty cable and is suitable for most 4WDs, but is not suitable for off road use. If you wish to travel off road you are better to look at the Rallye. The Rallye is a specially designed chain with the strength to handle off road activities. The T2 Magic 4WD chain has a recommended retail price of approximately $415 (depending on size).

If your vehicle is one of the growing number that has limited clearance, konig have introduced some finer chain models to their range. Your vehicle could have clearance problems due to either; the width of the wheel against the wheel well, or it may well have limited clearance on the internal wall of the tyre. You can find this information in the car manual, usually under "snow chains" or "tyres". You might well discover that it even states that wheel chains are not to be fitted to certain tyre sizes. This quite often happens on front wheel drives, when chains are fitted to the front drive wheels, the turning capacity of the wheel becomes impaired. It is well worth checking the manual prior to starting your journey to the snowfields. 

wear bars on the P1


The first of Konig's finer chain models to be bought into Australia was the Magic P1 chain. This chain has a 10mm clearance and is designed with wear bar on the cross chains. These wear bars make the cross chain much more hard wearing than a straight 10mm chain. This chain also features the "magic" self tensioning system. The P1 is also very well suited to Australia's trying conditions, due to the wear bars. If your vehicle has limited clearance the P1 may be a very affordable option, with a recommended retail of around $298 (depending on size).

super fine K7

The latest introduction to the Konig low clearance chain is the K7, this snow chain has been conceived for the latest generation cars, featuring ever smaller spaces between wheel and mechanical components and presenting an ever greater arrangement of electronic systems upon wheels and tires. K7 makes possible the fitting of snow chains to vehicles where it was previously claimed to be impossible. This may be your only option if your car is one of the new generation vehicles. This chain has a recommended retail of approximately $300 (depending on size). Check out the video for the fitting and removal of the Konig K7.



Konig has also developed a SUV chain, it is specially developed and tested for SUV, CROSSOVER, COMMERCIAL VEHICLES AND MOTORHOMES. This chain is called the K SUV and has a 12mm clearance, a self tensioning chain, special anti-scratch nylon bumpers to protect alloy wheel and a unique design pattern chain in special alloy steel (UNI EN 10020) MnNi. This is a lighter chain for those larger vehicle, which in the past have been required to be fitted with heavy 4x4 wheel chains. The K SUV has a recommended retail price of approximately $350 (depending on size).


If there are problems of space between the wheel and the parts on the inner side (behind the wheel) then the solution is the Konig K-Summit.

Mouded from plastic with metal studs, these Italian-crafted chais don't compromise performance and function nor will they damage alloy rims. The color-coded facets provide for easy assembly while the quick release system allows for one-hand removal, making the entire process a seamless operation. The K-Summit has a recommended retail price of approximately $540 (depending on size). Check out the video for the fitting and removal of the K-Summit chain. 


Konig also produces the hugely popular Rallye, this model is a 4x4 diamond pattern chain in special alloy steel (UNI EN 10020), and is completely galvanized. This chain is designed to allow both sides of chain to be used for longer life, is constructed of all chain which is tensioned by a lever and tension chain. This is the choice of chain, if you are looking for a snow, off road or mud chain. It is designed to be the workhorse in the Konig range. The Rallye has a recommended retail of around $450(depending on size). Check out the video for the fitting and removal of the Rallye snowchain (same procedure as for the Konig Polar).

Super Magic

Konig has produced the "Supermagic", it is the only chain in the world with an automatic removing system, it also features the "magic" self tensioning chain . It is a high performer on ice and snow with its SuperAsymmetrical diamond pattern chain with cross chains in special alloy steel (UNI EN 10020) MnNi.  This chain has 10mm cross chains but is fitted with wear bars which allows the chain to take more wear and tear. The Supermagic chain has an average recommended retail price of $341 (depending on size). Check out the video on the fitting and removal of the supermagic.

V2 Traction

There are many chains imported from China, many of these chains are designed along the lines of the very popular Konig original T2 (which does not have a self tensioning system). These Chinese imports are generally manufactured using lesser quality steel and components. They are perfect for the budget conscious or snow tripper who only visits the snow once or twice a year. Of these Chinese imports, the V2 Traction chain is very well designed and manufactured. The V2 Traction is a diamond pattern anti-rust chain that is sturdy, and easy to fit. It has a side tensioning spring and auto locking lever and comes in a heavy duty vinyl carry bag.  The V2 traction is available in car sizes and 4WD sizes, it is certainly not suitable for 4WD off road use (the best chain for 4WD off road use is the Konig Rallye, it is a real workhorse). The V2 Traction has a recommended retail price of $139 for cars and $199 for 4WDs. This chain is a great option if you are only visiting the snow on a casual basis or you are on a budget.

Click here to download the fitting instructions for the V2 traction.


RUDs signature product, is the RUD-Classic wheel chain. The spring steel hoop ensure handy and quick fitting, even for rear-wheel drives. The RUD-Classic has a comfort hoop chain for rapid fitting and removal even for narrow wheel arches and a unique wedge-shaped link, made from chromium-manganese alloyed fine-grain steel. The RUD-Classic is a great chain if clearance issues are a problem with your vehicle. The RUD-classic can be fitted without having to reach through to the inside of the wheel. Check out the vidoe for the fitting of the Rud-Classic wheel chain. The average recommended retail price for RUD-classic is $407 (depending on size).

Click here to download the fitting instructions for the RUD-classic.

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